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Mr Saratiere Chitenhe is the Director of Finance for Kariba Municipality since 2004. He worked in this capacity at Victoria Falls Municipality after a stint with Urban Development Corporation as an Auditor. He also gained some financial management experience when he worked as an Assistant Accountant under the Ministry of Finance. He is a seasoned Accounting specialist and a holder of some professional courses and a member of lCPAZ (Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Zimbabwe), IMFO (Institute of Municipal Finance Officers), Certified Bookkeepers and RPAcc (Registered Public Accountant).


Financial Management

The section has a duty to improve cash-flow management, to increase collection efficiency and to ensure equitable distribution of financial resources to all departments.

Budget Preparation

The department of Finance is there to ensure the organisation has an approved budget at the beginning of each year. This is done through budget consultations and engagement of stakeholders. The department also prepares the Service Level Benchmarking reports for the Council

Financial Statements preparation

The department has a duty to ensure Council have audited financial statements each year, which is done through production of financial reports to management and council each month as well as control of accumulated deficits on programmes.

Inventory management

The department is also responsible for inventory management in liaison with the procurement section in order to maintain optimum inventory levels of service delivery consumables