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Town Clerk

Mr Richard Kamhoti is the Town Clerk for Kariba Municipality since September 2018. He once worked for the Ministry of Public Service, Rural Development Branch as the Training Officer before joining the City of Harare where he rose to the post of an Assistant Town Clerk. Mr Kamhoti was also employed by the Urban Institute as a Senior Local Government Management Specialist before migrating to Kariba Municipality where he was appointed as a Chamber Secretary from August 2005 up to September 2018 when he was appointed the Town Clerk for Kariba Municipality. He is an experienced Public Administrator and holds a qualification in Conciliation and Arbitration. The Town Clerk is currently studying for a Doctorate in Business Administration.

Mr Richard Kamhoti 
Town Clerk

Director of Financial Services

Mr Saratiere Chitenhe is the Director of Finance for Kariba Municipality since 2004. He worked in this capacity at Victoria Falls Municipality after a stint with Urban Development Corporation as an Auditor. He also gained some financial management experience when he worked as an Assistant Accountant under the Ministry of Finance. He is a seasoned Accounting specialist and a holder of some professional courses and a member of lCPAZ (Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Zimbabwe), IMFO (Institute of Municipal Finance Officers), Certified Bookkeepers and RPAcc (Registered Public Accountant).

Mr Saratiere Chitenhe
Director of Finance 

Director of Housing and Social Services

Mr Godfrey Tichaona Magijani is the Director of Housing and Social Services for the Municipality of Kariba since 2018. He worked for the Department of Social Services within the Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare as a District Social Services Officer. He joined Municipality of Kariba as a Welfare Officer in 2005. He rose through the ranks to become an Assistant Director of Housing and Community Services a post he held until his current appointment to the position of Director in February 2018. He is experienced in the field of Community Development and has vast experience in Housing and Projects management.

Mr Godfrey Tichaona Magijani
Director of Housing and Social Services

Director of Engineering Services

Engineer Ndumiso Nyaningwe is the Director of Engineering Services at the Municipality of Kariba a post he holds since 2009. Engineer Nyaningwe has vast experience in Civil Engineering specialising in Water Supply and Sanitation. He once worked for the Bulawayo City Council as an Engineer in the Water Distribution Section before joined CNM & Partners as a Consultant. He also worked as the Town Engineer for Victoria Falls Municipality and later on joined the Zimbabwe National Water Authority as Water Supply Engineer heading the Water Supply Section. He also had a stint at Colic Construction (Botswana) as Site Agent. Engineer Nyaningwe is a registered member of Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers and also an associate member of South African Institute of Civil Engineers

Engineer Ndumiso Nyaningwe 
Director of Engineering Services

The Chamber Secretary

The Chamber Secretary post is currently vacant.