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Town Clerk

Mr Richard Kamhoti is the Town Clerk for Kariba Municipality since September 2018. He once worked for the Ministry of Public Service, Rural Development Branch as the Training Officer before joining the City of Harare where he rose to the post of an Assistant Town Clerk. Mr Kamhoti was also employed by the Urban Institute as a Senior Local Government Management Specialist before migrating to Kariba Municipality where he was appointed as a Chamber Secretary from August 2005 up to September 2018 when he was appointed the Town Clerk for Kariba Municipality. He is an experienced Public Administrator and holds a qualification in Conciliation and Arbitration. The Town Clerk is currently studying for a Doctorate in Business Administration.

Sections falling under the Town Clerk’s Office are

Internal Audit

The section is responsible for the provision of risk management/services to all Council operations and systems in order to reduce, minimise or avoid risk.

Procurement Unit

The section is responsible for the procurement of goods and services for all the departments of Council in order to ensure availability of critical stocks and maintenance of minimum stock levels AND tender handling, quotations sourcing and general purchasing management in accordance with Procurement Regulations Authority of Zimbabwe