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Municipality of Kariba (MOK) lies in the centre of the Zambezi Valley which is abundantly rich in a wide range of natural and man-made resources that can help make Kariba rival the very best of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. Situated as it is-in a scenic National Parks & Wildlife area and on the shores of Lake Kariba-the town presents a unique experience-possibly worldwide-where wild animals roam without frontiers and people and animals co-exist. The town has an enormous wealth of natural tourism resources and has the potential to become the most sought after tourism destination in the world. When compared to any of the world’s major tourism destinations, the Zambezi Valley, within Zimbabwe, has an enormous wealth of natural tourism resources and has the potential to be the ultimate tourist destination It has been envisaged and agreed that the Zambezi Valley lends itself very well to the concept of a tourism route from the mighty Victoria Falls to the lower Zambezi with the entry and exit points being Kariba and Victoria Falls airports, with many and varied destinations and activities between the two.



The Project involves establishment of a new central business district in Kariba. The available designated area measures 1 000 000m2 and is strategically positioned within the unique environs of the resort town of Kariba. The land is virgin and the Department is looking for a developer who shall be required to purchase the piece of land and the scope of works are:

  • Carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment study
  • To come up with a unique lay out plan which blends well with the tourist nature of the Town.
  • To survey the area
  • To put requisite on site and off site infrastructure
  • To develop or dispose the serviced stands to interested developers
  • Construct access roads, storm-water drains, and water and sewer reticulation and electrify the stands

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